A change.

So. This is a change. I’v given tons of advice on how to survive life. But what about school, friends, and family? For that, you don’t need someone who is a sage wisdom giver. You need someone who is going through the same thing, and knows how you feel. And that’s where the change comes in. I am in high school right now, and there is a lot of new things that happen. I know this is true because I’ve heard it from everyone. And I mean everyone. So, think of me as a helper, or someone who knows what your going through.

~A helper



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Prayer in the journey

We all pray at least once in our lives. Whether it be in a dire situation or around the dinner table with family. I prayed this week. A lot. My life, it seemed, had turned against me. Actually, I’m still praying! Not just for my life, but for my friends’ lives. I guess that’s what we are supposed to do. I write this so that if you are in the spot I am in, this will help you. That’s why I do this. To help people. And this also really addictive. Just sayin’. 🙂

~The Explorer

Pain in the journey

Sometimes you encounter pain in the journey. The people who give you that pain can be such cowards that they can’t tell you to your face or tell you why. Yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me. Wait. No. He told one of his friends to tell me that I was single again. How smooth.

But even though it hurt, you have friends. They pick you up when you’re sad, and you do the same for them. It’s all a system. And it’s a great one. I couldn’t have it any other way in the journey.

~The Explorer


.    I love Halloween. You can be something you’re not for a day. But this year will be different for me. I will be volunteering my time in Monday to help a Halloween organization. I actually am looking forward to it.

On another note, today I realized how much I like seeing my boyfriend. He went on a trip today and I didn’t get to see him for a lot of the day. I was surprised at how disapointed I was. It made me realize how nice it is to look forward to seeing people in the journey.

~The Explorer


Some people think that hiding what they think is the answer. But it’s not. How are people supposed to help you if you don’t tell them about your problems? Today I found out that one of my friends was sad and depressed, and I didn’t even know about it! When she finally told me I was surprised. I told her that hiding her feelings wasn’t the answer.

Even if it takes some time, showing your feelings is very important. Your friends and family are there to help you through the journey.

~The Explorer



Communication in the journey.

Communication. It’s very important. If you don’t communicate, people won’t know what you’re thinking. People aren’t mind readers, so you have to talk with them. I got a lesson in that department today. I was thinking about the pace I would go at with my new boyfriend. I talked tommy friends and they told me that I needed to talk to him and that communication communication was imperative in a relationship.

They are right though. I talked to him and I got a pretty satisfactory answer. So even if it may be hard, communication is very important.

~The Explorer

Exciting events in the journey

Some days in your journey are going to be rough. But some days are like the day I had today. The situation between my 2 friends has been handled. In both people’s favor. I got a new kind of “friend” as well. You figure it out. Yeah. A boyfriend. *blushes*

Not only that but I also overcame my fear of singing in front of people. Honestly, I think I did horrible but my friends say otherwise. But afterwards I felt stupid for even being afraid in the first place. It wasn’t that hard! But the lesson I got out of today was that some days you may feel defeated, but you’ll one day look back and feel stupid for feeling like that. Today was definitely a good day.🙂

~An Explorer

The Journey At Life

Sometimes you have to see things you really don’t want to see. Today, I had to face a part of our society you can’t escape forever. It was hard to look at. But it was inspiration to make a difference. It was the push I needed to ignite that fire inside of me.

On another note, what would you do if you could choose between 2 people’s happiness? Would you not choose at all? I am in one of those dilemmas as we speak. Before you ask, it includes a guy. Typical, right? But that doesn’t take away from the importance of the situation. I write what I write to not only help people in the situations I am in, but to also help me understand my journey at life


~An Explorer

The First is Always the Worst

People always say that the first time is the hardest time. I say amen to that. I don’t think anyone reading this knows me. I’m not even sure that anyone is reading this. But I’m trying anyway.

As I write these blogs, I’ll go over what happens in life and what I did about it. High school is by far one of the hardest things you’ll ever face. Those four years can be heaven or hell. It’s up to you. We will all fall in life. What matters is if you get up or not. Here goes nothing.

~The Explorer